Volunteer Information

Domestic Violence Services, Inc. offers a variety of continuous and one time volunteer opportunities. We have them split into direct and indirect service volunteers. Direct service volunteers have opportunities to work directly with clients. Indirect volunteers have opportunities to further our mission. We work in Umatilla and Morrow Counties, so we have double the opportunities.

Direct Service Volunteer Opportunities

Crisis Line Volunteer or Internships – Answers the 24-hour crisis line after business hours from their home to provide crisis intervention, safety planning and problem solving or to provide information and referrals to people seeking assistance for domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. Volunteers need to have 40 hrs of training, background check, sign statement of confidentiality, and access to phone & email.

Life skills or Community Education Class Co-leader – Leads classes in shelter or in the community to help developed the skills of the clients or provide domestic violence education to the communities we serve. Volunteers need to have an DVS orientation and 2.0 hr. class specific training and signed statement of confidentiality. Access to a vehicle, phone and\or email.

Indirect Service 
Volunteer Opportunities

Yard or Building Maintenance – Assist in keeping grounds and buildings in good repair. Yard maintenance consists of mowing, gardening and basic tree care. Building maintenance consist of basic building repair and minor construction. Needs change with the seasons. Volunteers need to have an DVS orientation and have basic knowledge\skills. Signed statement of confidentiality.

Assist or Lead a Fundraiser, Supply Drive, or “Shower” Party for Supplies – Assist\Lead a committee for the 3 major fundraisers (Soup Bowl Supper, Bowl-a-thon, Walk) DVS, Inc. does during the year. Join a committee, create the event schedule or help collect donations. DVS, Inc. also has two shelters that have the same needs as a household. Start a drive or throw a party or trick or treat for supplies. Volunteers need to have an DVS Orientation and signed statement of confidentiality.

Assist with Children’s Activities During Groups or Classes – Lead children activities for a range of ages and number of kids so the parent can fully participate in the group\class they are attending. Time commitment rages from 1 – 1 1\2 hrs. on a weekly basis. Create a notebook of activities for reference. Volunteer needs to have an DVS orientation, interest in children, background check and signed statement of confidentiality.

Special Projects – Come with your ideas and help us to further the mission of DVS, Inc. by creating new partnerships, sponsorship or fundraisers. For example, help us create a safe place for not only the survivors but their pets. Volunteers need to have an DVS Orientation. Signed statement of confidentiality.

If interested please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 541-276-3322 or volunteer@dvs-or.org
Jeanne Bedolla,
Feb 26, 2018, 12:19 PM