Becca Webster ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #1

When you get to the party you are happy that you decided to get out. You aren’t used to drinking, so you decide to only have one drink throughout the night.

At the party you run into Chad, you knew who he was from school, but never really talked before. He’s really interested in what you’ve been up to and how you’ve been. He seems really nice and you are happy to be getting to know him better. So, when he gets you another drink, you accept. One more drink won’t hurt. After a while you start feeling tired and dizzy. Chad starts leading you down a hall feeling you up. You try pushing him away, but you are so tired and weak. You can hear someone say “Wow, she’s wasted” and that is the last thing you remember before waking up the next morning in a bed at the house with Chad sleeping next to you. He isn’t wearing any clothes. You stand up and notice your shirt is ripped and your bra and panties are missing. You feel sore all over and your throat hurts. You hear Chad say “Morning, last night was great”. You tell him you don’t remember anything, and he laughs and says, “That’s too bad for you, but good for me”. You do not feel well and just want to get out of there. You leave the room and grab your phone to call your friend Sasha.

What's next?

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