Becca Webster ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #2

Chad starts chatting with you like you’re in a relationship. Asking how your day was and he’s sorry he missed your lunch. He is flirting with you and you are getting very uncomfortable but don’t want to cause a scene, so you quietly ask him to leave. He becomes angry and starts calling you a “tease” and a “slut.” You try to calm him down. You are so embarrassed.

Before he leaves, he leans over the counter and whispers, so only you can hear, “Maybe next time I come visit you at work we can get a room and have a repeat of our last get together.” With that he leaves. You are visibly shaken, and your manager sees how upset you are and tells you that you can leave for the day.

As you are driving home you are trying to figure out what to do. You aren’t sure if you should to talk to your brother about what happened, you feel so embarrassed. You think about calling the crisis line number you got from Jennifer.

You get home.

 What's next?

If you want to call the crisis line number Jennifer gave you, go to:

ADVOCATE - Card #2

 If you want to talk to your brother Tyler, go to: