Becca Webster ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #3

You start to turn and go back in to your work when he sees you. You aren’t sure what to do. Your body freezes and you can’t move. He walks quickly toward you. He looks angry.

“Why are you acting so weird? It’s not like I raped you! You better not be spreading that around. I have friends in this town and—” He gets cut off when he sees a security guard coming around the corner. Then he quietly said, “We’ll finish this later” and then runs off

You hurry to your car and race out of the parking lot. You pull over and park in front of your church. You are shaking and you need to talk to someone. You remember Pastor Bill volunteers at the local women’s shelter and wonder if he is someone you could talk to. But you hear your mom in your head ‘What would Pastor Bill think?’. You grab your phone and look up the number for a sexual assault advocacy center. You sit there frustrated wondering what to do.

What's next?

 If you want to talk to Pastor Bill, go to:

CLERGY - Card #1

 If you want to call the crisis line for the local sexual assault advocacy program, go to:

ADVOCATE - Card #2