Brooke Kindle ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #1

It’s a Friday night, your dad is out of town, and you are ready to have some fun! You go to the college a couple of towns over and hit up a few parties. You end up at a Frat house where the drinks are strong, and the guys are hot! You start talking to a couple of guys in the hallway by the bedrooms. They keep telling you how cute you are, and you are loving the attention.

As you keep talking and keep drinking you start to feel dizzy and carefree. You try to talk, but words are not coming out – you know you have had way too much to drink. The guys take you to one of the bedrooms and lay you down on the bed.

You want to resist, and you try to move your arms, but nothing happens. You are terrified, but it is like your body is frozen. You go in and out of consciousness. Eventually you just go numb as they keep touching and grabbing you. That is the last thing you remember until you wake up the next morning sleeping on the floor with your skirt hiked up to your hips. You look at the clock on your phone. You have to be at work in 3 hours. You wonder if you should run home get ready or call in sick.

 What's next?

 If you want to go to work, go to:

JOB - Card #1

If you want to call in sick and go home, go to: