Danielle Lutton ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #1

You come home from a long day at work at your accounting firm. Business is good, but almost too good… you feel guilty for the time away from 3-year-old Christina. As you walk up to the house, Christina is screaming & crying. You run inside. John is sitting on the couch, TV remote in hand.

You race past him to Christina's room. She rushes to you with a wet diaper and blanket. When you confront John, he complains that he just wanted a little peace and quiet. “What kind of mother are you?” he asks, “always away from her child”. You continue yelling until he says, “I’ve had enough.”

He slaps you across the face. He throws the remote across the room, grabs his car keys and says, “I’ve had it. You think I’m a shitty father, you’re right. I never wanted to have a goddamned child in the first place. From now on, you’re on your own.”  You hear the tires squeal out of the driveway.

What's next?

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