Denise Callahan ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #1

Jim has been acting a little strange lately, but he tells you it’s the new allergy medication he’s on.

You pat him on the arm and head off into town for a doctor’s appointment, but when you get there, you discover the appointment has been canceled. Frustrated, you turn right around and drive straight home. When you enter the house, you see Jim on the couch, kissing another woman. “What the hell is going on?” you yell. The girl buttons her shirt and grabs her shoes. Jim yells at you and tells you that you’re supposed to be at the doctor.

He starts punching you and pushing you out the door but you try to lock your wheelchair so he can’t push you out. The other woman comes in and starts yelling at him because she didn’t know he was married. She slaps him, he pushes her down. In the struggle, she scratches his face. Your neighbor calls the police.

What's next?

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