Denise Callahan ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #2

Two months have passed, and you feel like you're walking on eggshells. You have been trying to do everything Jim says, and you have been praying a lot. During the week, Jim finds cigarettes in your son Dennis' room. 

He and Dennis start yelling at each other, and then Jim goes ballistic. He punches Dennis in the stomach and Dennis falls to the floor. Jim keeps beating on him. You make Jim stop, but he swings around and punches you in the face. Dennis throws up. It's full of blood. You call 911. They came really fast last time, so you try to calm down and pray until they arrive. Five minutes pass then ten, half hour, forty-five minutes, an hour. Jim says he's going to the bar. When the police finally arrive, they take Dennis to the emergency room. You bring all of your children who have been hiding in the garage. After you go the emergency room you know that you can't return home again. 

What's next? 

If you want to go to a confidential place, go to:

SHELTER - Card #1 

If you want to go to your best friend Sally's house, go to: