Hannah Brown ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #2

You have a lot of studying to do for your upcoming math class this afternoon so you text Travis and let him know you can’t meet up for lunch because you will be studying in the library.  After ten minutes of intense studying, you are totally focused on the formulas and equations for your class.  You have earbuds in and are startled when you are suddenly jerked backward in your chair.  Your book falls loudly on the floor.  When you turn around you see Travis’ face, bright red and very angry.

“Why don't you want to spend time with me?  It this because I called you out on stepping out on me with Luke?”  He is speaking loudly, and people are starting to look at you two.  You try to calm him down, but he refuses to stay quiet.

The librarian comes over and tells you that you both have to leave, or she will write a referral for both of you being too loud.  Embarrassed, you gather your things and Travis grabs you around your shoulder and pushes you toward the door.

Once you are outside of the library you shrug him off and tell him you don’t want to talk to him right now.

What’s next?

If you want to talk with your Aunt about it what happened in the library, go to:


If you want to ignore it and just focus on your day, go to:

JOB - Card #1

Travis’s thoughts: I can’t believe Hannah keeps ignoring me.  We are meant to be together!  I just need to make her see how much she means to me.  I won’t be ignored!