Hannah Brown ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #3

Even though you have agreed to go on one more date with Travis, you are still hesitant to unblock his number just yet.  This doesn’t stop him from contacting you, however.  Since you agreed to go out with him, he has not stopped sending you messages on all your social media accounts. 

He keeps you up all night sending funny pics and videos on Snapchat and DM-ing you on Instagram.

When you tell him, you have to go to bed because you are working early in the morning since it is a Saturday, he just keeps sending you kissy faces and quotes about love.

You end up getting very little sleep.  You wonder if you are making a mistake promising to go out one more time with him.

What’s next?

If you want to talk with your Aunt Joni about your concerns, go to:


If you want to ignore it and just focus on your day at work, go to:

JOB - Card #2

Travis’s thoughts: I can’t help but talk to her.  She’s all I can think about.  I don't want her to have doubts about how much I love her.  She keeps complaining about needing to go to bed so she can go to work.  She needs to stop worrying about that.  When we get married, she won’t have to work.  I will make sure she stays home to raise our babies.  In just a couple of years, everything will be perfect.