Hannah Brown ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #4

As soon as you get to the restaurant Travis is asking a bunch of questions about your day.  He seems happy to see you but seems to be a little annoyed that you keep yawning. “Am I boring?”

“No, sorry.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep and I had to be up early today.”

“Are you blaming me for your lazy attitude tonight?  It was probably Luke who kept you up all night if I know you.  He’s been ready to get into your pants since we broke up.” You realize tonight was a big mistake and get up to leave.  You put some cash on the table and walk out.  As you head out the back door Travis grabs your wrist really hard, trying to get you to stay. He loosens his grip when he sees how scared you are. “I’m sorry!  My love for you just makes me crazy!  I know you wouldn’t sleep with that freak.”

You kind of know how he feels, and you have always heard that love makes people do crazy things.  You tell him that you will come back inside if he doesn’t act up again.  The rest of the night is a lot of fun and Travis showers you with love and affection.

What’s next?

You talk with your friends the next day, go to:


Travis’s thoughts: She makes me so crazy.  If she wasn’t so hung up on being “independent” we would be so happy.  I just need to hang on and show her how much I love her.