Hannah Brown ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #5

“What do you think you are doing, Luke?  She is MY girlfriend.  You see a weak link in the chain and decide it’s time to jump on Hannah?”  Travis’ face is red and full of rage. 

“You don't know what you are talking about, man.  I’ve got a girlfriend and Hannah has been my best friend forever.  You being in her life won’t change that.”

Travis walks over to you and grabs your wrist “Let’s go.  You are MY girl, and no one can change that.”

You manage to wrestle your wrist free when your Science teacher, Mr. Jones, walks out and sees things look a little tense.  He calls you over and asks if you are okay.  You try to play it off as a misunderstanding, but he pulls a card out of his wallet.  It is for the local dating violence program.  He tells you that he isn’t sure what is happening, but that these people are really good at working with people who may feel unsafe in a relationship.

You assure Mr. Jones that you are fine but thank him for caring.  Maybe you should call them... Or maybe you just need to talk to Travis and explain things are over.

What’s next?

If you want to talk to Travis in private, go to:

WILD CARD - Card #3

If you want to call and talk to the dating violence program, go to:

ADVOCATE - Card #1

Travis’s thoughts: Why does she keep doing this to me?  She knows Luke is trying to get between us.  Now she is getting other people involved.  Mr. Jones doesn’t need to get in the middle of this.  I almost think she isn’t worth all this work I am putting into her.