Natasha Washington ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #1

For the past three weeks, Curtis has been coming home later than usual. He tells you that he’s been preparing for a big trial, and not to bother him.

One afternoon you leave work early. When you get home, you find Curtis kissing another woman on the couch. You are so stunned you just stand in the doorway, not saying anything. The woman quickly gathers her things and leaves.

Curtis becomes irate and starts yelling at you. You try to leave the house, but he pulls you inside. “I’m warning you, Tasha, don’t forget who’s in charge here.” He puts his hands around your throat. You can’t breathe. You blank out for a moment and when you come to, he’s throwing things in a bag. “I have unfinished business to attend to.” He says sarcastically and slams the door behind him.

What's next?

If you want to go to the doctor, go to:

MEDICAL - Card #1

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