Natasha Washington ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #2

Curtis has a great idea, he tells you. He’s going to buy a yacht. The only problem is that he needs an extra $10,000. He’s looking at your investments and knows that you’d barely miss that money. You protest, asking him what right he has to go through your financial papers without asking.

Curtis starts yelling at you. You see where this argument is going, so you tell him you’re leaving for a while, you’ll be back later.

Curtis doesn’t let you leave. He drags you by your hair into the bathroom. He starts punching and kicking you. Your head slams into the bedpost.

You promise him the money for the boat. Anything to get him off of you. He finally calms down, apologizes, and then brings out photos of the yacht.

You know you need to leave.

What’s next?

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WILD CARD - Card #2