Tiana Cleary ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #1

You are sitting in your room with Joe while your mom is at work.  She would NEVER let a boy in your room if she were home.  Joe is telling you all about a 2 bedroom apartment opening up in his complex and he is trying to convince you to move in with him so you can start a family.  You tell him you want to wait until you turn 18 in eight months.  He keeps urging you.

While you are talking to him, a boy from your science class texts you and asks when you want to meet up to finish your class project.  Joe rips your phone from your hand and accuses you of stepping out on him.  You try to assure him that he is the only one you think about, but he won’t listen. 

You try to get your phone back, but he won’t give it to you.  He throws it out your window and you hear it land on the concrete on the sidewalk below your mom’s second floor apartment.  You run outside to grab it, but discover the screen is completely shattered and unusable.

Joe leaves and you grab the old flip phone your mom has in her closet.  Great… How are you going to do anything with this old thing?

What's next?

If you want to tell your mom about the broken phone, go to:


If you want to talk to your best friend instead, go to:


Joe’s thoughts: I probably shouldn’t have thrown the phone out the window, but I am so sick of her talking to other guys.  At least with a broken phone she won’t be texting anyone anytime soon.  It’s not like she even knows how to text on that old flip phone her mom has.