Tiana Cleary ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #3

You have been living with Joe for about 3 months now.  You haven’t told everyone you know yet that you are pregnant, but you are having a harder time hiding the bump.  You hear people at school whispering behind you.  You haven’t spoken to your mom very often other than the occasional text she sends to make sure you are going to your doctor appointments.

Joe has been taking you to and from school since you moved in, but he keeps complaining about it and says he is worried the stress of school is bad for the baby.  You insist that you want to graduate.

Today, Joe seems to be in a particularly bad mood when he drops you off this morning.  By the time he picks you up, his mood seems to have soured even more.

As you walk into your apartment and take your backpack off, he grabs it and throws it out the window, telling you today was your last day of school.  When you argue with him and try to walk out the door he pulls your hair and throws you to the ground.  You are terrified and cry for him to let you up, but he just starts to kick you in the stomach, telling you that he makes the decisions in his home.

He then walks out the front door, leaving you on the floor.

What’s next?

If you want to get the baby checked out, go to:

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If you want to wait until your next check up, go to:

WILD CARD - Card #2

Joe’s thoughts: Why won’t she listen?  I am doing everything to make sure her and the baby are taken care of and she still doesn’t care.  She should be thankful I let her live with me for free. All I ask is that she considers my point of view, that’s all.