Tiana Cleary ~ ABUSE HAPPENS - Card #4

You are getting ready for school after a week of being home. 

Joe sees you grab your backpack and immediately jumps up from the couch and asks you where you are going.  You tell him that Kim is going to pick you up for school.

He tells you that he told you to drop out.  When you argue with him about it, he grows angrier and more and more upset.  As you try to walk out the door he pulls you by your backpack and shoves you against the wall right outside the apartment.  Your neighbor hears everything and calls the police.  Joe ends up getting arrested for the incident and an officer helps you gather a few of your belongings and takes you to your mom’s house.

What’s next?

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Joe’s thoughts: This is all her fault.  If she just listened, we wouldn’t be in this position.  This is just a small bump in the road to the rest of our lives.  Our family will be together again.