Brooke Kindle ~ ADVOCATE - Card #1

You call the crisis line and talk to an advocate named Nina. You make an appointment to meet her that afternoon.

When you meet with Nina, she is listening carefully. She seems nice, but you don’t know her very well, so you don’t tell her everything that is going on. Maybe you will open up more eventually…

Nina tells you about a support group that is held at the office. She says it is a place where you can receive support from other survivors and listen to other people’s stories, many of which might sound like yours.

You tell her you were having a really hard time the other day and tried to call the counseling center, but they can’t see you for a long time. Nina tells you that if you want to talk to a counselor, she has the crisis number for people to call if they are having a mental health crisis.

You really want to talk to someone because you feel like you are having a breakdown, but who do you want to talk to?

What's next?

If you want to talk to other survivors, go to:


If you want to try the mental health crisis line, go to: