Brooke Kindle ~ BACK HOME AGAIN - Card #3

It has been a while since the party and you are still having a hard time, but most days you can make it through without crying.

You are sitting in the living room watching TV when a commercial for soda comes on. Suddenly you freeze – you can’t move your arms or your legs. You feel like you are back in that frat house.

Your mind flashes back and all you see is those two guys grabbing you, pushing your skirt up… Then the door bell rings and you remember you are sitting in your house, on the couch. You think about that night again, after weeks of trying to forget.

‘What, am I crazy now? Just because the song on the commercial was one that was playing at that party I’m going to freak out? What if they do this to other people? Should I call the police? How can I feel safe again? How do I get over this?’

You have been told about support groups a few times and decide to search for sexual assault programs in your area and you find the crisis line for an advocacy center.

What's next?

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