Brooke Kindle ~ BACK HOME AGAIN - Card #4

The thoughts and flashbacks are getting worse. The insomnia is worse too and you haven’t been able to sleep in days and you are running out of energy. Your boss has talked to you about mistakes you have made. If you don’t get some sleep soon, you WILL go crazy or lose your job. You have to make yourself get some sleep.

You have taken cold pills and nighttime pain medicine and you still can’t sleep. You go into your dad’s bathroom and pull out some of his pain medication that is left over from his shoulder surgery last year. You have never taken pills before, but you remember how tired they made your dad. Maybe they will help… You pop a few of them in your mouth.

About 2 hours later you still haven’t fallen asleep, you are so desperate to sleep you take 5 or 6 more. You doze off then jolt awake, not paying attention to how long you actually slept, you grab another palm full of pills. Then you think, ‘Wait, did I already have some? Maybe I should have just a few more. I’m just so tired…’ You grab some more…

Finally, you fall asleep.

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