Hannah Brown ~ BACK HOME AGAIN - Card #1

You get to Travis’ house and immediately feel sick.  It breaks your heart when his grandma opens the door and is so happy to see you.  Travis comes running down the stairs, grabs your hand and takes you to the backyard, so excited to see you.  He gets really amped up and tells you how he wants to work on your schedule, so you have more time together.

“Travis, stop.  I just came to tell you in person that I don’t want to see you anymore.  I care a lot about you, but things are getting too intense for me.  I think we need some space.”

Travis is silent as you walk away.  As hard as that was, it feels like a weight has been lifted. 

A few hours later Travis texts you and apologizes for his jealousy.  He tells you he saw his mom and she was using again, and it really triggered him. He asks you to talk to him.


What's next?

If you want to text Travis back and try to work things out, go to:

WILD CARD - Card #1

If you want to ignore Travis and block his number for now, go to:



Travis’s thoughts: She can’t break up with me.  This is so unfair!  I have to do something to get her back.  This can’t be the end for us.