Tiana Cleary ~ BACK HOME AGAIN - Card #1

You and Joe decide to watch a movie.  You don’t have any homework and your mom is working a graveyard shift, so if you stay with Joe tonight, she won’t even know.  You get up to go to the bathroom and when you come back Joe is smiling and holding a new phone in its package out to you.  He tells you he felt so bad for overreacting that he got you a new phone.  You are so excited and activate it right away. 

After everything is set up on your new phone, a text message comes in from the boy that messaged you earlier asking about your school project.  He wants to know if you have time to meet in the library during your free period tomorrow.  You try to hide the notification before Joe can see it, but it’s too late.

What’s next?

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Joe’s thoughts: Seriously, Tiana?  Why does she make it so hard to keep it all together?  I am going to show her she belongs to ME.