A man from CPS comes and knocks on your mom’s door the next day.  He tells you that he is here to talk to you about your trip to the hospital.  He explains that the hospital had to call to make a report because you are a minor.  You don’t want to tell him much, but your mom tells him that Joe is 25 and asks how to get a restraining order so he can’t come near you.

He tells you that you can talk to an advocate about that and they can help you with that sort of thing. He stays for a little while longer and asks you some more questions.  Before he leaves, he gives you a bunch of brochures and phone numbers of different programs in the area that help with pregnant mothers and resources for when the baby is born.

He tells you he will stop in again sometime.  You mom calls an advocate and you work on a restraining order together.  Joe is arrested a few weeks later for assaulting you and also for statutory rape.

You don’t know what will happen next, but you have a lot of options now.

What’s next?

This part of Tiana’s story ends here.

What role do you think age played in Tiana’s story?

Where do you think Tiana needed more support?

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