Becca Webster ~ CLERGY - Card #1

You get out of your car and walk to the church office door, taking a deep breath before you walk in.

As soon as you open the door you hear Pastor Bill’s friendly voice calling out to you, “Becca, how are you?” You start to second guess your decision to come. You glance up and see on the bulletin board there is a card with the crisis line number for the local domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy center. You think that maybe he is a good person to talk to after all.

You tell Pastor Bill a little bit about what happened and then you wait to see how he will react. He listens intently and looks concerned, so you tell him about the confrontation you just had with Chad.

He wants to make sure you are safe and offers to call the advocacy center, but you tell him you are okay for now. He tells you nothing you could ever do would justify the assault that happened.

You stay and talk for an hour. As you leave, he tells you, “Call or stop by anytime”. He grabs the crisis line card off the bulletin board and gives it to you and says, “Or you can call the crisis line” 

What's next?

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