Danielle Lutton ~ CLERGY - Card #2

At first, you’re hesitant to talk to your mom’s pastor, but he quickly puts you at ease. He asks about your safety and the safety of your daughter. You tell him what’s been going on and how confused you feel.

He tells you that God wants you to be safe and that violence is a sin. He tells you about the local domestic violence program and suggests that you call them.

You leave feeling almost hopeful. It makes such a difference to have someone believe you.

A couple of nights later, a police officer arrives at your door. He asks you if you’re Danielle Lutton. You say, “Yes”. He tells you that he has a warrant for your arrest. He explains that John has gotten a special court order stating you kidnapped Christina and fled the state.

You demand to talk with a lawyer. The officer tells you can call a lawyer from jail.

What's next?

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