Tiana Cleary ~ CLERGY - Card #1

You walk into the church office and look for Pastor Jay, the youth pastor you know.  You open the front door and immediately hear a man singing loudly and off tune.  You smile and knock on Pastor Jay’s office door.  He welcomes you in and asks how he can help you.  You don’t tell him a lot of details, but you tell him that you aren’t sure your boyfriend is really a good person.  You don’t tell him anything about Joe being 25 or controlling, but you tell him that you are feeling a little depressed and anxious lately and don’t know what to do.

Pastor Jay listens and tells you that you might want to think about taking a break from your relationship with Joe, or at least talk with someone about it.  He tells you that depression and anxiety are serious things and suggests you talk to a counselor about that and maybe get some help. 

You aren’t sure what you want to do next, but you are pretty sure you aren’t ready to break up with Joe.

What's next?

If you decide to call and talk to a counselor, go to:


If you decide to drop the subject and just carry on, go to: