Danielle Lutton ~ COURT - Card #1

You’re still shaken up from what happened last night. You ask Christina if she’s all right and she keeps repeating “Daddy scary, daddy scary.” You apply for a Restraining Order and the court gives you one, now you wait. You receive notice of a contested hearing. At the hearing, John walks in with an expensive looking attorney.

You ask the Court to give John supervised visits only, you don’t want him to be alone with Christina. The attorney tells the judge that you’re mentally unstable, a workaholic and an alcoholic. He says that John’s been a great father since the day Christina was born. The judge takes John’s side and gives him visits two nights a week. You beg the judge to reconsider, but he says, “I’ve already made my ruling.”

What's next?

If you want to report John to Child Protective Services, go to:


If you want to bring Christina to the doctor, go to:

MEDICAL - Card #1