Becca Webster ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #2

You tell Sasha how the police officer basically told you that there was nothing to report and to not drink. You tell her you don’t know what to think or do. She tells you she’s off work now and coming over but is working a split shift and has to go back in later.

When Sasha gets there, she tells you that officer was out of line to say any of that. She reminds you that you only had 2 drinks and they need to understand that. She suggests going into the police station and talking to someone else or to go to the ER and have the sexual assault exam done. Sasha tells you she will take you.

What's next?

If you want to go to the police station, go to:

POLICE - Card #2

If you want to do the sexual assault exam, go to:

MEDICAL - Card #1