Becca Webster ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #4

You call your brother, Tyler, to see where he is. He tells you he is at home. You tell him you need to talk to him and ask him not to go anywhere. He may be younger than you, but he has always been protective.

You get home and start telling him what happened, but then start breaking out in tears. He immediately hugs you and tells you it is not your fault. You tell him about the exam and that you don’t know what will happen next. He says he will do whatever you need him to do. You tell him you are okay, but you smile knowing he will be there for you, no matter what.

He also tells you that Pastor Bill had volunteered at the local shelter a few times, doing some repairs, and tells you he thinks he would be understanding.

You go to sleep that night feeling a little better and more prepared for the next day. It doesn’t hurt that Tyler is sleeping in a sleeping bag on your bedroom floor so you can call out to him if you need him.                                                                                              

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