Brooke Kindle ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #1

You call your dad to see when he will be home. He is driving, so his phone keeps cutting in and out. You don’t get much time to talk to him before it cuts off completely.

He calls you back when he gets to his hotel. You don’t want him to worry so you tell him everything is fine, you just miss him. He tells you that he will be on his longest trip so far and will probably not be back for a few weeks. He seems to be missing you too and asks you how work was. You tell him everything is fine and to have a nice trip. He promises to text or call to check in every day.

You are tired and try go to bed. You don’t sleep much, despite being exhausted. Your mind keeps racing with terrible thoughts.

‘Why did I even talk to those guys? They’re not even my type. I’m so stupid. What did they even do to me? What did I do?

You keep having flashbacks of that night. You work in the morning and need to sleep. You get up and go to the medicine cabinet and grab a box of cold medicine that says makes you drowsy on it. You read the directions, it says take 1 to 2, you take 3. You go lay back down and finally fall asleep.

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