Denise Callahan ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #2

You stay with your best friend Sally. Sally just saw a documentary on domestic violence and realized she was looking at someone just like you in the film. When you call needing help, she jumps at the chance to help you. She's maybe a little too helpful, but that's OK for the time being. She tells you about protection orders and suggests that you get one.

Many people are suggesting you find new housing, but they don't seem to realize that your house is wheelchair accessible and that is costs a lot of money to renovate a house to fit your needs. You are concerned because Dennis has been complaining of stomach pains since the night your husband beat him.

What's next?

If you want to try and get a protection order, go to:

COURT - Card #1

If you want to bring Dennis back to the hospital, go to:

MEDICAL - Card #1