Hannah Brown ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #2

After dinner you catch Aunt Joni before she heads to the kitchen to help Reggie with the dishes.  She listens carefully as you explain what Travis said about your friend, Luke.  As you explain it out loud, it sounds more ridiculous than how it felt when it was happening.

“It sounds like Travis may have some serious jealousy issues,” she says as she pulls you in for a hug.  “It may be time to consider taking a break in the relationship.”  You shrug, not sure what to think. 

“Jealously is not a good thing in a relationship.  I speak from experience.  Just think about it.  I will support your decision, whatever it is.”

You feel relieved that your aunt is supportive, but you aren’t ready to cut things off with Travis.  At least not yet.

Still lost in your own thoughts, you head to bed.

What’s next?

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