Hannah Brown ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #3

You call your Aunt Joni and she answers right away.  You tell her what happened in the library and she tells you she is on her way to the school to give them a piece of her mind.  You calm her down and convince her not to come to the school. 

As you go into a little more detail about the situation, she tells you that it seems like Travis is not going to take no for an answer.  She thinks it would be a good idea to break up with him and encourage him to get help.

As she is talking, you agree that she is right.  You are going to break up with Travis, but you want to do it in person. 

You text Travis and ask if you can come over to his house after dinner.  He texts back immediately and tells you to come over as soon as you want.  He says he is excited to spend time with you.

What’s next?

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Travis’s thoughts: About time Hannah wants to spend time with me.