Hannah Brown ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #4

You decide to meet up with Amanda and Luke to tell them about the breakup.  You meet at the ice cream shop and tell them all about what happened.  Amanda is the first to talk.

“I think you made a huge mistake!  Travis is probably just a little overwhelmed right now, especially if he saw his mom.  Is there any way to get him back?  He is your first and maybe ONLY love!”

Luke is quiet for a minute and then says, “I think it is a good thing you aren’t with him.  I always got the feeling he didn’t really like you doing your own thing.  I never really knew how to tell you, but I didn’t like the way he treated you sometimes.  I don’t know…”

As the evening drags on you start talking about the things you have missed with your friends.  Amanda tells you all about her newest plan to get into beauty school and Luke tells you all about his girlfriend’s new puppy.

It feels good to spend time with your friends and not worry about how jealous Travis would be.

What’s next?

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