Hannah Brown ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #5

As you are eating breakfast before you go to work, you bring up your concerns about giving Travis a second chance.  Aunt Joni and Reggie listen and let you talk.

“It seems like he might be too obsessed,” Reggie says.

“I am worried about you talking to him again.  I don’t know if I want you to go out with him.” Aunt Joni looks more serious than she ever has before.

“I will give him one chance, that’s it.  If I get a bad feeling I will call you or Reggie right away to come get me. I promise.”

Aunt Joni doesn’t look sure, but she doesn’t dispute it.  She tells me that she will be ready to answer her phone if I call her. 

I get ready for work and pack a change of clothes since I will be meeting with Travis right after work.

What’s next?

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