Hannah Brown ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #6

You meet up with Luke and his girlfriend at the park.  You tell them about your date and begin to doubt everything that happened.  When you are with Travis things seem so perfect, but when you tell them what happened, everything sounds so crazy out loud.  You tell them that you want to end things with Travis for good.  Luke suggests that you tell him on the phone and not meet with him in person.  He seemed worried that Travis had grabbed your wrist so tightly the night before.  His girlfriend agrees and offers to sit with you when you call or text.  You understand their point of view and are a little scared of Travis, but don’t know how you feel about not telling him in person.  You don’t want to be known for being one of those people who are too chicken to break up in person.

What’s next?

If you want to talk to Travis in person, go to:

WILD CARD - Card #3

If you want to break up by phone, go to:

WILD CARD - Card #2