Tiana Cleary ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #3

As you are getting ready for school you realize how irritating it is that you have to use that stupid flip phone.  Texting is a nightmare.  You can’t even get on your Insta or Snapchat.  So frustrating!

None of your friends are answering phone calls and message you to text them.  At least Joe answers when you call.  If it weren’t for that, you wouldn’t have had anyone to talk to all weekend.

When you get to school you run up to your group of friends.  You tell them all about your terrible weekend of not being about to check any of your social media accounts and that you just want to spend time with them.  Kim tells you that there is going to be a bonfire tonight and everyone you know will be there.  You know Joe wouldn’t want to go hang out with a bunch of high schoolers, but you really want to go...

What's next?

If you decide to spend girl time at the bonfire, go to:


If you decide to go home after school and spend time with Joe, go to: