Tiana Cleary ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #2

You walk over to your best friend’s house.  Kim has been your bestie since you were 13.  You can tell her everything.  She and Joe are the only ones who know that you were pregnant and miscarried.

You tell her what Joe did to your phone and she can’t believe it.  She tells you that she knows Joe is probably really sorry for doing it.  You think about it and agree that she is probably right.  You hang out for a couple of hours before heading back home for dinner.

What's next?

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Joe’s thoughts: I probably shouldn’t have thrown the phone out the window, but I am so sick of her talking to other guys.  At least with a broken phone she won’t be texting anyone anytime soon.  It’s not like she even knows how to text on that old flip phone her mom has.