Tiana Cleary ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #4

You are so glad you decided to hang out with your friends.  You felt a little bad when you called and told Joe you were going to spend time with friends, but he said he would be fine alone for the night. 

There is lots of loud music and you and your friends join a group of guys and dance.  You don’t get to dance for long, though, because out of the corner of your eye you see Joe’s car pull up.

He gets out of the car and you can tell he is angry by the look on his face.  You tell your friends you will talk to them later and rush over to his car.  Without saying a word Joe ducks back into the car and drives you to his apartment. 

As soon as you get to his place, Joe suddenly acts as though nothing happened and doesn’t even bring up the fact that he randomly showed up and took you home.  You are just happy he doesn’t seem mad, so you don’t bring it up, either.

What's next?

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Joe’s thoughts: Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pissed she thought it was okay to dance with another guy, but I am going to try to stay calm.