Tiana Cleary ~ FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Card #7

You wait until your mom gets home from work before you tell her the news.  This doesn't seem like news she would want to get in a text.

As you sit waiting for her to walk in the door you suddenly remember you hadn’t told her about the last pregnancy and the miscarriage from last year.  You had been so afraid about how she would react and now you are afraid again.

You don’t have much time to think about it because just then she walks in.  You decide it’s best to just rip the band aid off and tell her.  “Mom, don’t be mad, but I’m pregnant.”

She is silent and stunned for a minute, but then she walks away silently and closes the door to her bedroom behind her.

She comes out an hour later but refuses to look you in the eye as she tells you she thinks you should terminate the pregnancy because she can’t afford to support another child.  With that, she just walks off.

You decide to go talk to Joe to see what he thinks.

What's next?

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