Becca Webster's Story

Becca Webster Introduction

My name is Becca Webster. I’m 27 years old. It took me longer than I planned, but I finally graduated! Last month I started working as an assistant manager at a local hotel. I currently live with my mother and 24 year old brother while I save up to move into my own place.

I have recently enjoyed reconnecting with people in my church and I have been able to help with some of the Sunday school activities. My best friend, Sasha, from high school lives in town, but I don’t get around to seeing her as much as I should.

I usually like to stay at home and keep to myself, but tonight Sasha convinced me to go to a party. I figured I could survive one night on the town, besides, a lot of people I knew from high school were going to be there and I hadn’t seen many of them since I went to college five years ago.

The problems began later.

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