Hannah Brown's Story

Hannah Brown Introduction

Hi!  I’m Hannah Brown!  I am so excited to start my junior year in high school!  I live with my Aunt Joni because my mom and dad can’t stay off of drugs.  I have been living with her for 3 years now and I feel like I can tell her anything.  Her boyfriend, Reggie, lives with us too.  I finally got my driver’s license and Reggie lets me drive his old car.  It isn’t the best car, but it’s freedom!  I have been dating Travis for only a few weeks, but it has been amazing!  His parents also are out of the picture, too.  As sick as it sounds, we kind of bonded over our abandonment issues. We haven’t been together long, but it honestly feels like a fairytale.  Don’t tell my aunt, but we have been…intimate… several times.  I didn’t initially want to do it, but Travis said he wanted to feel really close to me, so I felt I had to.  I really like Travis, but sometimes I wonder if he is doing to distract me from my goals.

I guess only time will tell.

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Travis’s thoughts: I’m Travis Baker.  I always thought I would end up alone until I met Hannah.  We have only been together for a short while, but I know we will end up together forever.  My grandma told me that she knew Pops was the one for her the night of their first date and I feel the same way about Hannah. We may be in high school, but I know this is the real thing She is so busy with school and work that she never seems to have time for me though.  With the little free time she has I have to share with her “friends”.  I am going to be with her, no matter what.