Tiana Cleary's Story

Tiana Cleary Introduction

Hi there!  My name is Tiana Cleary.  I just turned 17.  I don't have my license yet, but I don’t really need it because my boyfriend, Joe, takes me everywhere I need to go.  Oh Joe, what a hotty!  I met him almost two years ago.  Well, met is one way to describe it.  He started following me on Instagram right after my 15th birthday and soon after we started chatting.  I met him in person last year.  He thinks I am so mature. Anyway, Joe is my rock.  A few months after we met in person, I miscarried our first child.  I don’t know what I would do without him.  He kept me from totally falling apart.  Joe is trying to convince me to move in with him, but I think I should at least wait until I am 18.  Right now I live with my mom, but I want to move in with Joe.  I love my mom, but she is so busy working that we don’t really talk all that much.  I really only see her on Sundays when we go to church and spend the afternoon catching up on housework. She doesn’t like Joe and thinks he is controlling.  We don’t talk about it anymore—she doesn’t know we have sex and I don’t plan on telling her anytime soon!

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Joe’s thoughts: I’m Joe Thompson.  I am 25 years old and I live in an apartment near my girlfriend, Tiana.  Some people think I am too old for Tiana, but she’ll be 18 in less than a year.  Besides, age is only a number, right?  Tiana is very...mature looking.  I saw her on Insta a couple years ago and the rest is history.  We have mostly had a great couple of years, other than the miscarriage last year.  That was tough, but it made us even closer.  She is going to be moving in with me soon and then we can move forward with our family and our future.