Becca Webster ~ JOB - Card #1

Your managing ok at work, but you keep finding yourself thinking about what happened. You wonder if you had more than two drinks and if you did something that made him think you wanted that, but you can’t remember. You feel a tear roll down your face, you look around embarrassed to see if anyone is looking at you. You force yourself to keep a smile on your face, but you feel so fake and don’t want to be there at all. The day drags on…

As you are heading back into work from your lunch hour you hear a voice that makes your knees shake. Chad is at the customer service counter and is asking for you. You aren’t sure what to do, before you can turn around and walk back out, you hear your manager say, “Oh, here she comes now”. So, you try to act like nothing is wrong and go to the counter.

What's next?

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