Brooke Kindle ~ JOB - Card #2

Work is okay. It’s been the only thing that has kept your mind off that night and trying to remember what happened. You haven’t been sleeping much either, the cold pills don’t help as much anymore so you have been taking an over the counter PM pain medicine too. You have picked up extra hours to keep you busy.

It has been a few days since the party, but it is still pretty much the only thing you think about. You wonder if you are going crazy.

You are working in the back of the store alone without the distraction of other people. You are really tired and get lost in your own thoughts… ‘Who were those guys? What if they gave me a disease or infection? Could I get sick? Is my life going to be like this forever? What if I never get past this?.....’

You seriously start to think you are going crazy and wonder if you should talk to someone. Then your thoughts bounce back to wondering if you caught some disease. You have a hard time focusing on anything.

When you get off work you wonder what to do.

What's next?

If you want to try to talk to a mental health counselor, go to:


If you want to go to the clinic to get tested for STIs go to:

MEDICAL - Card #1