Hannah Brown ~ JOB - Card #1

You spend the rest of the day at school trying to avoid Travis.  He has sent you a few texts, but you choose not to look at them yet and head to work at the coffee shop.

You are in the middle of steaming milk when you see Travis walk in.  He isn’t alone… He has two girls hanging one to each of his arms.

He waits for you to take your break to come talk to you.  When you ask him about the girls he smirks and says, “they are my ‘friends’ just like Luke is your…’friend’.  Doesn’t feel good, does it?”

He walks off and you decide it is time for you to break up with him.  You just can’t deal with his drama anymore. You wait until you get off work to text him.  You ask him if you can come over to his house after you finish eating dinner.  He replies right away, excited to spend time with you.

What's next?

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Travis’s thoughts: I know it wasn’t a really classy thing to do walking in with those dumb chicks, but I think it worked.  Hannah just texted and she wants to hang out tonight.  I think she is starting to come to her senses.