Becca Webster ~ MEDICAL - Card #2

When you arrive at the hospital ER, you’re taken into an exam room right away because the officer called ahead. Sasha offers to stay with you, and you are relieved to have her there.

The nurse comes with another woman and introduces you to her, Jennifer, and tells you that she is an advocate. Jennifer explains that she is there for you through the whole process, that she can stay or go. You don’t know her and would not feel comfortable with her there during the exam, you ask her to stay in the waiting room in case you need her.

The nurse tells you all about the exam. It sounds long and invasive, but it seems like the best way to help collect evidence of the assault. She takes samples and swabs and it’s very uncomfortable. The nurse keeps asking you if you are ok and if you want to proceed. 7 hours later the exam is complete, and you are exhausted. You feel like you are going crazy because you still have everything running through your mind and it won’t stop. You want to talk to someone, but Sasha has to work now. You pull out your phone to call your brother when you see Jennifer is still there.

What's next?

 If you want to talk to the advocate, go to:

ADVOCATE - Card #3

 If you want to talk to your brother, go to: