Brooke Kindle ~ MEDICAL - Card #1

You call the local health clinic and they tell you to come in. You are nervous about being tested, but you have to know if you caught anything from those guys. When you walk up to the reception desk, you immediately recognize the woman sitting behind the desk. It is your ex-boyfriend’s older sister. She seems to recognize you but acts like she doesn’t know you. Suddenly you feel your cheeks get hot. You tell her you want to be tested for STIs and she rolls her eyes, gives you paperwork to fill out, and tells you to have a seat and wait. As you walk away you think you hear her say “slut” under her breath…

As you wait in your seat you look up at the TV and see a news story about a woman accusing a pro athlete of sexually assaulting her. The lady sitting next to you tells her husband, “There goes another whore crying wolf. They are all the same – they drink too much or party too hard and whine when things happen to them. What do they think will happen?” Soon you are called back to an exam room for a battery of tests.

You are finish with the tests and are exhausted. You’re walking to your car and grab your phone. You have a missed call from Claire.

What's next?

If you want to call and check in with Claire, go to:


If you want to ignore the call and go home, go to: