Hannah Brown ~ MEDICAL - Card #1

Your head required 12 stitches and you might have a minor concussion.  Your aunt is frantic as she sits by the exam bed.  She doesn’t know how you hurt your head, just that you were at school and your head hit a locker.  You promise you will tell her everything when you get home.  She goes out to the waiting room to fill in Amanda and Luke about your condition and to bring the car around.

As you are gathering your things in the room and the nurse comes to wheel you out, she leans in and tells you, “I have a feeling this has something to do with a boy… I know what you are going through and it is not your fault.”  She pulls a familiar card out of her pocket (it’s the same card Mr. Jones gave you. “You can call these people and talk, if you want.” 

You slide the card into your backpack and decide you will call them when you get home, after you talk with Aunt Joni.

What's next?

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