Tiana Cleary ~ MEDICAL - Card #2

You don’t know what else to do, so you call your mom.  Surprisingly she sounds very worried and picks you up right away and rushes you to the ER.  The doctors run a lot of tests and look for a heartbeat.  You are relieved when the machine starts making a loud beating sound.

The doctor tells you that the baby appears to be fine, but says you need to rest and follow up with your baby doctor this week.   Your mom is asked to leave the room and the doctor asks you what happened.  You don’t want to get Joe in trouble, so you tell him that you tripped and fell on the steps walking up to your apartment.  He tells you that he isn’t sure that is the whole story and that he called someone to come talk to you and you agree to at least talk with her.  After all, she is already here.

What's next?

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